We are a family oriented business established with a strong philosophy based off values like hard work, quality and honesty. We stick to our roots which was founded as a door to door service in the early 70’s offering people the opportunity to buy fine gold jewelry. Because of this, we specialize in a one to one customer service approach. This is the best way to forge good relationships and assure quality and trust. Over the years a fixed location was needed to accommodate the demands of our customers’ requests, and our growing business was overseen from the basement of our home. With the demand in gold growing, In 1980 we moved our business to the location where we are at still to this day. We primarily serve and represent the Hispanic community in Chicago, but our services and doors are not limited to this community for we also deal with the same care to a broad clientele from different backgrounds.

At La Caridad we have always believed that the best way to serve our clients is through having the same values and principles learned at home applied to our business. We make a strong effort to put ourselves in the shoes of the client and value every single one of our customers. We strongly believe that everyone deserves an opportunity and that trust is the main foundation of successful long-enduring relationships. We offer you our honest, most reliable quality of work so you can trust us as much as we trust you already. It is our pleasure to serve you and we value our work and the time spent interacting with you, for no matter how simple the transaction may seem it can serve as a stepping stone for a better future with everyone we work with.